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Abortion Care for Undocumented People!

We just started creating this post to gather information for undocumented people looking to get abortion care PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE FURTHER RESOURCES. You can email us to acrascollective@gmail.com

1. ACCESS  HOTLINE 1.888.442.2237 (Espanol) 1.800.376.4636 (English)

"From ACCES: 



In California, undocumented women have the same rights as other women to access many types of health care. If you are undocumented you especially have the right to seek and receive prenatal care, abortion and family planning services in a confidential manner. 
Paying for Services

Low-income women, regardless of immigration status are eligible for Emergency or Restricted Pregnancy-Only Medi-Cal for Pregnancy.  If they are seeking immediate walk-in prenatal care at a participating provider, these women are also eligible for Presumptive Eligibility Medi-Cal.  Middle-income women are eligible for AIM and do not have to provide their Social Security Numbers. Undocumented immigrant women are not eligible for Full-Scope Medi-Cal or Minor Consent Services. To learn more about these programs, see our Paying for Care guide.

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2. Your Health Your Rights

"Health Rights & Resources for Immigrant Women

Women in California have the right to free or low-cost reproductive health care if you can’t afford it on your own. This includes immigrant women, regardless of immigration status.

If you need a pregnancy test, prenatal care, testing or treatment for a sexually transmitted infection or HIV, birth control, or an abortion, several programs can help pay for care: Family PACT, Restricted Medi-Cal for Pregnancy and Access for Infants and Mothers.  These services are confidential.

These programs determine eligibility based on how much money you make. You will need to show that you live in California. You can show your utility bill, for example, to prove that you live in the state. You will also need to show proof of your identity, but there are many ways you can prove your identity, such as a foreign passport or ID card, birth or baptism certificate, municipal ID, or any card with your name and photo such as a driver’s license, school ID, or work badge.

Remember, regardless of your immigration status you have rights and you have resources.

For questions about health care services in California call the ACCESS Healthline800-376-4636 (Español: 888-442-2237).

For questions related to your immigration status or other rights as an immigrant, call the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

  • Northern California: 415-621-2488 or www.aclunc.org
  • Southern California: 213-977-9500 or www.aclu-sc.org
  • San Diego: 619-232-2121 or www.aclusandiego.org”

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